Future plans

In order to achieve its goals, the University has set the following objectives to:

•Apply for registration and/or programme/course accreditation by the relevant national authorities to ensure that the standard of all programmes on offer satisfy and comply with national and international criteria.

•Integrate theoretical knowledge, practical and social skills, values and attitudes in the design of all curricula; to review these at least at three year intervals.

•Maintain an effective academic quality assurance system.

•Select programme content on the basis of the findings/results of needs analyses in the different African countries and to re-assess these on a three-yearly basis.

•Create and maintain flexible structures and procedures aimed at opening up learning opportunities for all those who are committed to their own and their country’s development.

•Review tuition fees annually to ensure that they remain both competitive and affordable.

•Support students in their efforts to learn by combining electronic and paper-based (distance) learning with contact sessions and a system of local tutors.

•Employ and utilize technology to the fullest extent.

•Create work opportunities in countries where it operates by appointing locals on the basis of qualifications, expertise and commitment to quality education and development as and when their services are required.

•Provide all staff members with appropriate self-development opportunities on a regular basis.